Kids Bamboo Toothbrush With Blue Bristles

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100% biodegradable toothbrush for children
100% bamboo toothbrushes for kids with soft bristles. The wooden handles and fun colors are guaranteed to attract kids and they are going to start loving brushing their teeth. The small head is recommended by dentists, because it can get to the hard-to-reach places in your mouth and remove plaque. Tapered bristles clean thoroughly inter dental spaces thus leaving you with a sparkling white smile.
It's recommended to rotate the brushes every 40 days and always after illness.

Every single used material is from natural origin.
The handle is made from 100% bio-degradable bamboo. This type of bamboo is inedible for the endangered Panda bears and thus it do not deprive them from food sources.
All bristles are from high quality recyclable nylon, and packaging from recycled paper.
Nordics bamboo toothbrushes have been approved for vegan certification by the vegan society ! 

Nordics. Bulgaria


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Kids Bamboo Toothbrush With Blue Bristles
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