About Us


How it all began...
Our brand story was born out of boredom when we go shopping.  Have you ever walked into a shop to purchase something simple, like a body wash, and before you know it, the marketing of the product bombards you, the packaging distracts you and you are hounded by conventional brands?  In the end, what you brought home is an item that falls short of protecting your skin.

About natureLOVA
At natureLOVA, all of the gimmicks are stripped away.  We want to highlight important skin conditions and get you better acquainted with your skin's needs.  Whether your sensitive skin requires safer ingredients in your cosmetics or you simply need organic, natural, hypoallergenic products with proven results, we have got you covered.

Our Values
Here is a little secret: there is no need to trade off beautiful skin for toxins!  We source for the most wholesome brands and bring them to your screens. Organic skincare, natural beauty products, shower gels and the latest jack-in-the-box, coconut oil, this is your go-to trusted online store!  Natural, organic and hypoallergenic is the best way to nourish and protect your skin.  If you are an animal lover, like us, this is the place for a variety of cruelty-free labels.

Your well being starts with the choices you make everyday.  Make the right one, with us!

Psst, now we offer free shipping - worldwide! So get on that natural goodness.

Beautiful lasts longer - especially when it is natural, organic, hypoallergenic!