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Make Your Skin Shine, But NOT with Oil!

Our skin naturally secretes oil to keep it moist and healthy. But in some cases, it goes overboard and produces more oil than needed. As a result, it forms an oily sticky layer on the skin, attracting dust and bacteria to make it their home. This gives rise to skin problems like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and other issues caused by clogged pores.

If you experience oily skin on a seasonal basis or only on your forehead and nose while your cheeks feel dry, you have combination skin. Occasionally your skin can also become oily due to hormonal changes. But fret not; you can keep your skin balanced and happy with a proper skincare regime.

Indulge in the Perfect Skincare for Oily or Combination Skin.

Don’t stop using moisturisers or sunblocks if it makes your skin more oily. It simply means you are not using the right product suitable for oily or combination skin. Check out the huge collection of organic products at NATURELOVA, specially curated for your skin type. Go for products that have salicylic acid; it helps reduce oil build-up and clogging of pores. Use natural water-based non-comedogenic moisturisers, and also don’t forget to gently exfoliate your skin frequently to remove that excess oil or dry dead skin.

Oily or Combination Skin

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