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With Essentiq, Get Nature’s Best in Your Skincare.

Essentiq believes that cosmetics and fragrances for the home should be natural and organic. They use traditional knowledge along with modern, innovative concepts to develop their products. They are certified organic by ECOGEA standards which guarantee that all their ingredients are pure and natural. With Essentiq, you can organically rejuvenate your skin, from exfoliation to moisturising. Also, avoid harmful chemicals with their array of delectable diffusers and fragrances for your home.

Make an Excellent Investment by Taking Care of Your Skin.

This brand is a staunch believer in creating skincare products, personal care, feminine care and scents from natural ingredients. All their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Each facial wash and cream for dry skin uses authentic and natural ingredients. They are chosen primarily for their proven benefits to the skin and body. You will definitely not find petrochemical components in them.

You can be sure that all their products are free from toxic agents, making them suitable for all age groups. The founders of Essentiq were familiar with the harmful effects of synthetic colourants, formaldehyde, propylene glycol and parabens. Excluding these actually helps your skin retain its moisture, prevent inflammation and maintain its elasticity. Studying herbs and exploring the benefits of herbal products, they have perfected formulas to ensure effectiveness as well as your safety. Discover the range of green merchandise by Essentiq today on NATURELOVA!


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