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Alleviate the effects of ezcema and calm inflammed skin with products that contain natural and organic ingredients. Understanding the skin condition is key to finding a product safe for ezcema. It is due to the immune system overactive response to an irritant and is often triggered by allergies to food, fabrics, dust, exposure to extreme environment conditions, stress and weakened skin barrier due to prolonged exposure to harmful ingredients in conventional cosmetics.

To prevent aggravating the skin, avoid using water-based cleansers or soaps as they will further dry the affected area.  Consider oil based cleansers or use oils to cleanse the affected area. Coconut oil, Argan oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Prickly Pear oil are all good choices and will hasten rejuvenation of skin cells.

Focus on calming the affected area. Use ingredients like Pearl Powder which is extremely effective for fluid-filled sores. Calendula, Propolis are also good choices to soothe inflammation, repair and hydrate skin.

Be alert about what spark flare-ups.  Keep a record of possible irritants and stay away from them.



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