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Shine Bright with Amazonia’s Clean Nutrition Supplements.

Glowing and healthy skin comes from within. That's why we need to ensure the food we consume is clean and free of impurities. Keeping this in mind, Amazonia’s ingredients are sourced sustainably right from the source to your plate. They partner with local farmers in different parts of the world to harvest acai, coconut, pitaya (red dragon fruit) and purple rice through organic methods. Their motive is to provide nature’s nutrients with the way nature intended them to be given. They are Australian Certified Organic and test for heavy metals and synthetics in all their products to ensure that the ingredients are genuinely organic.

Make Clean Nutrition a Part of Your Everyday Life.

Supplement your efforts and hard work at the gym with Amazonia’s protein powder range. The RAW Slim & Tone Protein series or the RAWFit series will give your body the right nutrients to maintain your health and help with quick recovery for your tired muscles. However, protein shakes need not be just for the gym. The Raw Protein Isolate range is also a quick and easy meal replacement if you’re on the go. As a plant-based source of protein, no matter what your dietary requirements, it helps support your daily protein intake. Plus, it is low in fat, making it an ideal choice to stay healthy and also weight management.

Another of their stellar range is the digestible collagen supplements that aid in improving your skin’s elasticity for a youthful glow. Made with natural and organic ingredients, it helps to complement your lifestyle. With Amazonia, switching to a healthier lifestyle is super easy. Freeze-dried acai is a simple breakfast alternative. Add juice or coconut water to it for an acai bowl to sustain your energy level throughout the day. Rich with antioxidants, it keeps you healthy and strong. Find all the fantastic Amazonia products on NATURELOVA.


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