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Get Nails Wraps for Convenient and Safe Nails Art.

Nail wraps are a perfect alternative to the toxic chemical nail polishes used in most nail salons. They are made of high-quality malleable material that fits perfectly on your nails and features dazzling colours and designs that can be simply pasted on the nails. In addition, they are convenient to use as you don’t require any heat lamps, drying, or waiting time.

The only thing to note is that even though they are harmless, they can cause damage to your nails if not appropriately removed. Soak your nails in warm water for 5-10 mins and peel them off by pulling them away from the cuticle. Your nails are precious even if they grow back. So do what’s best for them. Add organic collagen-rich supplements to your diet to make your nails strong and healthy.

Bring the Magic Home!

Always admired and wanted to get salon-like nail art done but worried about its harmful effects on your nails? Then we have just the solution you need. Try our range of ultra-thin self-adhesive nail wraps, which are affordable, long-lasting, and harmless. If you want extra shine and protection over your nail, just coat the wraps with a safe top coat, and Voila! You are all set. Get one or all of the nail art designs available at NATURELOVA to complement your look.

Nail Wrap

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