When Should You Start Investing in Anti-Ageing Products?

When Should You Start Investing in Anti-Ageing Products?

Posted by Naturelova on 1st Apr 2022

When Should You Start Investing in Anti-Ageing Products?

As we age, our skin becomes sluggish and fails to hold the same youthful glow and texture it used to. As a result, skin cell renewal slows down, skin loses its firmness and starts showing several other signs of ageing. Thankfully, you can delay this process by adopting healthy habits and a proper skincare routine. 

By simply starting an anti-ageing skincare regime early, you can ensure youthful skin for years to come. If you are hoping to start this when signs of ageing appear, think again. The right time is much sooner than you may think. Want to find out when is a good time to start using anti-ageing products? Let’s find out. 

Signs of Ageing 

One of the first telltale signs of skin ageing is the loss of fat from under the eye. As a result, the skin around your eyes will have defined lines and give a sunken look. Soon afterwards, wrinkles and fine lines will show up due to the weakening of the elastin and collagen fibres. However, while these are the most common signs of ageing, that’s not all. 

The moisture levels of the top skin layer deplete over time. Dead cell turnover slows down, and layers of these cells accumulate on the skin week after week. As a result, you may notice a dulled and uneven skin tone. Moreover, the skin may feel dry, rough, and itchy. As the skin becomes thinner as you age, tiny blood vessels become more prominent. This is why bruises also appear more easily as we age. Age spots and blotchy texture are also signs of concern. 

The final sign of ageing skin is visible pores. With age, pores become bigger and more visible; this can be credited to reduced skin elasticity. The skin is dragged down by gravity, and it begins to hang loosely. So, you end up getting loose, saggy skin. 

When is the Best Time to Start Using Anti-ageing Products? 

Wondering how you can avoid these unwelcome signs of ageing? While skin ageing cannot be stopped, with the right skincare, you can surely delay the appearance of most of these signs. But the key is to start investing in anti-ageing products at the right time. Experts suggest you should not wait for “age spots” to appear to include anti-ageing products in your skincare ritual. For, there is no cure to reverse the skin ageing signs.

You must start incorporating anti-ageing ingredients in skincare from a younger age as a preventive measure. It is recommended to begin using anti-ageing products as early as in your 20s. Instead of trying to undo any skin damage when it is too late, start an anti-ageing skincare regimen early and avoid your skin from showing common signs of ageing. Spending a few extra minutes on skincare every day can help maintain a youthful look for a longer time. 

When sagging skin and wrinkles finally appear, your skin will respond better to treatment if you have treated it well since your 20s. Simply by starting anti-ageing skincare in your 20s, you train your skin how to behave. For example, a daily dose of hyaluronic acid will prompt your skin to remain hydrated. 

If you are older and did not offer proper care to your skin in your 20s, don’t worry, it's never too late to start. So, if you haven’t added anti-ageing products to your skincare routine, do it now! 

What Anti-ageing Products Should You Invest In? 

Hyaluronic Acid 

If you want glowing skin even in your 40s and 50s, you need to befriend hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid molecules are naturally present in your skin but using additional anti-ageing serums, and creams containing them can elevate your skincare game. The ingredient can reduce puffiness and dark circles. It can lead to a hydrating and plumping effect. Furthermore, utilising products containing Hyaluronic acid can diminish the appearance of fine lines and make your skin look healthier and dewier. 


Retinol, a Vitamin A commonly found in anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products, reduces wrinkles and fine lines by increasing collagen. Increased collagen contributes to improved skin elasticity, increased blood flow to the skin, and reduced visible wrinkles. What’s more, retinol creams can help fade stubborn age spots and soften rough skin. Even though the market is flooded with options, try to choose serums and creams that use retinol as the main ingredient. Note that you will not see visible results before three to six months of using Retinol products, while the best results will take longer. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is known to neutralise the free radicals in the human body that cause oxidative stress. Therefore, incorporating Vitamin C in your skincare can help prevent premature skin ageing and set back the appearance of biological skin ageing signs. As oxidative stress can make your skin look tired and dull, using Vitamin C can help make your skin look fresher and brighter. Plus, vitamin C can reverse the inflammation that damages the collagen in your skin. You can also get eye creams with Vitamin C as it treats the lines and dark circles. 

Sun Protection 

No matter what products you use, you will not get optimum anti-ageing results if you do not combine it with SPF. The skin damage the sun can cause should not be ignored. In addition to a sunscreen with high SPF, you can also rely on skincare products with SPF. Today, lip treatments, creams, and moisturisers come with different amounts of SPF. Dermatologists recommend going for a sunblock with at least SPF 30 as it blocks around 97% of the sun’s UV rays. Not only will this step protect you from having an uneven and dull complexion, but it will also help prevent the UV rays from breaking down collagen. 

Skin ageing is a natural process that may vary from person to person depending on factors such as lifestyle choices, environment, and the natural ageing process. Age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines cannot be reversed regardless of when they begin to appear. However, if you start your anti-ageing skincare soon enough, you can delay the skin ageing process. Invest in good sunscreen, hyaluronic acid shots, collagen ointments, etc. 

Also, take care of your health by eating well, getting enough rest and exercising to get better results from your skincare routine. Finally, go natural as much as possible. Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in how you look and feel. So, if you start taking care of your body, you will be rewarded with hydrated, youthful skin for a very long time.