The Wonders of Argan Oil

The Wonders of Argan Oil

Posted by Naturelova on 6th Apr 2023

The Wonders of Argan Oil 

Solving hair issues and skin woes and even offering protection from the sun - the benefits of argan oil are unmatched. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this beauty elixir is popularly found in an array of cosmetic products. Haven’t tried argan oil products yet? Then, it is time you start!

This natural oil is a jack of all trades. Argan oil is an easy answer to all your hair and skin care needs. So how is it that this one wonder ingredient can solve so many of your problems?

Let’s find out. In this article, we have elaborated on the many ways choosing hair and skin products with argan oil can be beneficial for you.

Benefits and Uses of Argan Oil

Conditions and Promotes Hair Growth

The vitamin and nutrient content in argan oil is very high. It offers the goodness of not only vitamins E, A, and C, but it also contains omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and antioxidants. All of these make argan oil a superb conditioning ingredient.

The super-nourishing combination will leave your hair softer and more manageable. It will also keep your hair frizz-free and make it shinier. You could apply argan oil directly or use a conditioner containing argan oil to promote hair health.

While the Vitamin E in argan oil can seal split ends and smoothen frayed hair shafts, the omega-6 fatty acids can strengthen your hair. Argan oil can reverse scalp inflammation and prevent scalp issues such as itchiness and dandruff.

By limiting hair damage from elements like free radicals, argan oil helps prevent breakages and maintain hair health. Moreover, this oil can protect your hair from mechanical stress and promote growth.

Moisturises the Skin and Hair

You might notice that most moisturising creams, lotions, and soaps have argan oil as an ingredient. This is because the same thing that makes argan oil a good conditioner also makes it an ideal moisturiser.

You can apply argan oil directly on your skin and reap its moisturising benefits, or you could opt for argan oil-based skin and hair care products. Note that you should allow argan oil to soak thoroughly into your skin before applying any other products.

Orally consuming argan oil supplementary capsules is also an excellent way to get moisturising benefits on your skin and hair.

Heals Wounds and Skin Infections

Did you know argan oil has healing properties too? Yes! Argan oil is a good treatment for wounds and cuts. So if you have an injury that is healing too slowly, dabbing some argan oil on it can help you recover quickly. In fact, argan oil is better than coconut oil as a healing agent.

Argan oil has 620 mg/kg of vitamin E. It also has an abundance of antioxidants, linoleic acid and fatty acids. This potent combination is what helps wounds heal faster.

Moreover, linoleic acid in argan oil also helps reduce inflammation. No wonder argan oil is an ingredient of choice for outdoorsy and athletic individuals.

Treats and Reduces Acne Breakouts

If you have acne-prone skin, it is time for you to befriend argan oil. As you might know, excessive sebum production is the root cause of acne breakouts. Argan oil can help reduce and even treat acne by tackling the problem at its source.

Argan oil has sebum-regulating properties which can effectively help you manage acne. You can use blended argan oil or even acne-control creams with argan oil. Unlike many other oils, argan oil will not clog your pores. It rates zero on the comedogenic index.

In addition to regulating the sebum level, argan oil promotes cell regeneration. As a result, it will grant you smooth skin while also helping to reduce irritation and redness.

It is worth mentioning that argan oil will be beneficial for acne that results from general irritation or dry skin. However, if your skin condition is triggered by hormonal imbalance, argan oil will not be helpful.

Reduces the Signs of Skin Ageing

Time and stress can take a toll on your skin. However, even though you cannot wholly avoid the signs of ageing skin, you can delay them for a long time with proper skincare. When it comes to anti-ageing products, argan oil plays a significant role.

This all-rounder ingredient can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, which in turn slows the ageing process of your skin. Along with using skin care products containing argan oil, dietary intake of the oil can also have anti-ageing benefits.

Not only can argan oil reduce dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles, but it can also help repair and maintain your skin. When you apply it topically or ingest argan oil capsules, it can increase hydration and skin elasticity.

Prevents Stretch Marks and Fades Scars

Be it because of pregnancy or changes in your weight, stretch marks are not a welcome change. However, even though you cannot reverse stretch marks, you can definitely reduce the appearance of stretch marks and even prevent them.

Argan oil can help you with this. Argan oil treatments can boost skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks from forming when your body undergoes changes.

Furthermore, it has fading agents that can make your existing stretch marks less noticeable. But that’s not all; argan oil is a good alternative to over-the-counter anti-blemish creams. If you have brown spots or hyperpigmentation, argan oil can help brighten your tone and improve these signs of ageing.

Protects the Skin from Sun Damage

Argan oil is also an effective prevention and treatment for skin damage caused by sun exposure. This natural Moroccan argan oil is actually a great natural sunscreen. It is a healthy sun protection that protects your skin by blocking UV radiation. This, in turn, protects your skin from collagen damage. Argan oil also helps maintain skin integrity and elasticity, which are often affected by prolonged sun exposure.

Not just that. Argan oil can offer sun protection to your scalp as well. It neutralises free radicals and saves your scalp and hair from the harmful effects of the sun.


Now you know why you should make argan oil a staple ingredient in your personal care. This wonder oil has plenty of benefits, but you must invest in the right products for optimum results. Beware, as many sellers will sell knock-offs for a low price.

If you want to unlock the healing, nourishing, and beautifying benefits of argan oil, you must buy the right products. First of all, avoid diluted argan oil that is sold at a discounted price. Only buy argan oil from a company that guarantees 100% Pure Argan Oil like Naturelova. Another way to check the authenticity of argan oil is to check its colour and texture. For example, pure argan oil will be a golden orange oil with a non-greasy texture.