The Benefits of Switching to Natural Deodorants

The Benefits of Switching to Natural Deodorants

Posted by Naturelova on 11th Sep 2023

The Benefits of Switching to Natural Deodorants

Thanks to the hot and humid climate in numerous regions worldwide, you ought to be finding a friend in deodorants. Deodorants provide relief from sweating and also help keep body odour in check. Sure, this personal care product can help avoid pit stains and bad odour, but have you ever wondered about the health consequences of using the wrong deodorant?

People rarely put any thought into what deodorant they are using. If you are among them, it is time to pay attention to the ingredients in your deodorants and give them a much-needed re-evaluation. You will find that most off-the-shelf deodorants are packed with harmful chemicals.

If you want a product with minimum health risks and skin sensitivities, it is best that you switch to natural deodorants. In this article, you can read more about the many benefits of using natural deodorants.

What are Natural Deodorants?

Natural deodorants are those that are free of synthetic ingredients such as parabens and propylene glycol. Conventional deodorants contain paraben as a preservative, while propylene glycol is used to prevent the product from drying up. Some traditional antiperspirants may even contain a small amount of aluminium. These ingredients can trigger allergic reactions and a hoard of other adverse effects. 

Natural antiperspirants, on the other hand, are a part of the clean beauty movement and, hence, boast the use of only clean ingredients. Coconut oil is a common ingredient in natural deodorants and is a favourite choice due to its antibacterial properties. Shea butter is also commonly used to thicken a formula and allow the antiperspirant to layer over the armpit. Instead of artificial preservatives and fragrances, odour-neutralising botanicals are used in natural deodorants.

Ideally, natural deodorants will not plug the sweat glands. The ingredients used are compliant with the chemistry of your body. They possess disinfectant and antibacterial properties, which can help counter the odour caused by bacteria on the skin. In addition, absorbents like baking soda, arrowroot, vegetable-derived glycerine, cornstarch, or clays are used to help avoid excessive moisture or armpit stains.

What’s more, essential oils are often used to keep you smelling fresh all day. If you have sensitive skin, look for a natural deodorant that is unscented or has a low amount of essential oils. If you choose the right natural antiperspirant for yourself, you will notice some very positive benefits. 

Advantages of Using Natural Deodorants

Here are some advantages of switching to natural:

Natural Deodorants Do Not Upset the Hormonal Balance

Because conventional deodorants use different types of parabens as preservatives, they can give rise to a range of health consequences. One of the most common side effects of paraben is hormonal imbalance.

Parabens can interfere with how oestrogen and other hormones are produced and regulated. The female reproductive hormone oestrogen can cause both normal and cancerous cells to grow in the breast area. What is even more concerning is that you apply these paraben-containing deodorants close to this oestrogen-sensitive area every day. To avoid disruption in this area, you can opt for natural deodorants free of parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Natural Way to Improve Body Odour

Did you know regular deodorants could make your body odour worse? Contrary to popular belief, body odour is not a direct result of sweating. When the chemicals and aluminium in regular deodorants combine with bacteria on your skin, you can suffer from body odour.

Natural deodorants can neutralise body odour on their own instead of stopping you from sweating. Sweating is a natural cooling mechanism, so it is great that natural antiperspirants do not abruptly stop you from sweating.

Natural alternatives use botanical active ingredients instead of chemical components. They will kill bacteria while also still allowing you to sweat. Skin-loving ingredients like arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, and kaolin clay are used to achieve this.

No Toxic Ingredients in Natural Deodorants

Chemical-laden antiperspirants are clearly bad for you. Natural deodorants are made of organic ingredients that are very safe for you. They are free of all toxic ingredients, such as parabens, sulphates, or aluminium.

By eliminating toxins from this daily-use personal product, you can save yourself from many side effects. Ingredients in conventional deodorants might lead to allergies, skin irritations, cognitive disorders, and even cancers.

Because antiperspirant ingredients enter the human body through our olfactory system and armpits, they can make their way through our bloodstream rather easily. This is why it is important to understand what your deodorant is made of. Choosing a brand, like Salt Of The Earth and Ben & Anna, that makes deodorants from botanicals and without any synthetic ingredients may be your safest bet, as they do not contain any toxic ingredients.

No More Sweat Stains

By now, you know that natural deodorants will not stop you from sweating. Don’t worry; even though natural deodorants do not stop sweating, they do still prevent sweat stains from forming.

Your body can cool off and regulate its temperature the way it should, and you also will not have to worry about any embarrassing stains on your clothes. The dark yellow stains on light clothes you get as a result of sweating are actually not due to the sweating itself. It is the aluminium in your deodorant that mixes with your sweat to form sweat stains.

Everyone knows how difficult these stains are to clean. Don’t worry; natural deodorants are free of aluminium, so you no longer need to worry about stubborn armpit stains.

Natural Deodorants are Easy on the Skin

Underarms are very sensitive. The usual aerosol or roll-on antiperspirants you use rarely take into consideration how sensitive your underarm skin is. Underarms are prone to skin irritations. Natural deodorants are made to combat this irritation. Natural formulas provide better skin conditioning and also feel easier on the skin. By choosing natural options over conventional deodorants, you can avoid pore-blocking ingredients and related skin issues.

Alongside its odour-controlling attributes, natural deodorants can help you maintain longer-lasting armpit shaves. Applying skincare products with skin-friendly ingredients like witch hazel can also help avoid razor burns and help shrink pores.

Eco-friendly Antiperspirant

By selecting a sustainable and natural deodorant, you can ensure the best protection from body odour. However, that’s not all. Natural deodorants are also biodegradable. This means these deodorants are not only good for your skin and health but are also eco-friendly. When you choose to omit toxins and chemicals, you are doing the environment a favour.


Choosing a deodorant made with natural, sustainable, and responsible ingredients helps ensure that you get the protection you need while also keeping the environment in mind.

Natural deodorants allow you to sweat while also helping you avoid any bad odour. By skipping harmful toxic ingredients like parabens and artificial fragrances, you can save yourself from lots of health concerns. The natural alternatives are also easier on the skin.

Before you want to switch to a natural deodorant, go all-natural for a few days to allow your body to adjust to the change. Do not use anything but essential oils. After waiting a few days, you can start making use of natural deodorants. Soon, you will start noticing the amazing benefits of using natural deodorants instead of conventional ones.