Holiday Gift Guide for Every Budget!


Christmas is just around the corner - it is a time to get together with your loved ones. Reminisce about the year, reminisce your favourite memories and show them how important they are in your life. Christmas is more than just a holiday, it is a time to show your appreciation for the people who love you best.

Problem is, how can you find the best gift options without breaking the bank? Here is a quick gift guide to filter the best gifting ideas. You can even take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale to get some nifty presents in your price range!

$30 and Under

  1. Rudolf and Friends for X’MAS

Total: $18

Konjac Sponge.Co released their pore refiner Christmas edition sponges! Your loved ones will love this handy exfoliator. Not only does it remove dirt and unclog your pores, it refines and nourishes your skin. Leaving it with a refreshed and bright look. 

It is the essential Korean beauty tool for clear skin. Gift it to a friend or co-worker who is obsessed with skincare. These pore refiner sponges are infused with active ingredients such as red clay to detoxify the skin.

This gift is the total package. It contains sustainable and special ingredients to enhance your skin. Plus, it comes in four adorable packaging to choose from! You might even want to take a jolly Snowman pore refiner sponge home with you!

$50 and Under

  1. Makeup Gift Bag

Total: $45

Gift this to a friend or family member who knows that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is the perfect pairing to highlight their peepers with an Alima Pure Eye Detailing Brush and a Pearlustre Eyeshadow.The right gift for anyone who knows the importance of hypoallergenic products and want to highlight their best feature - their eyes. It is the best form of compliment to let them know to accentuate it.

For a limited time only, you receive a FREE Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara for all Alima Pure orders over $60! 

2. Detox To Ring In The New Year

Total: $36

Give your best pal some much needed nourishment with a Suki Mini Nourishment Kit, This is tailored to give complete rejuvenation while providing ample options to customise their beauty routine. Plus it comes in travel-sized packs - beautiful skin is finally accessible. Perfect for that busy friend of yours! This little gift goes a long way to bring out their inner glow.

$70 and Under

  1. NAIL the perfect gift

Total: $63

Gel nails are no longer a trend - it has become the answer to longer lasting nails. If only there was a way to enjoy that, minus the chemicals ...

NCLA’s SO GELLY range infuses a wide variety without the chemicals! It is the solution to commercial gel nail polishes in the market. NCLA boasts a multitude of festive colours. With their commitment to creating non-toxic nail lacquers, their collection is 7 free. If you’re gifting it to your best pal, show them a little TLC with the newest So Rich nail cuticle treatment. If the minty scent does not get them in the holiday mood, the festive packaging will!

Check out NCLA’s fun range in our gift sets!

2. Kissable Lips Pack

Total: $66

This is a little over-budget because this handy pack comes from companies who are consistent in making effective and pure products that heal the skin. Your sister or best friend will appreciate the natural goodness from these products. The Calendula Lip Balm is made from the calendula flower which soothes and heals skin from within. While there may not be a lot of cosmetic brands that are good for the skin, 100 Percent Pure’s Fruit Pigmented(R) Anti Aging Lipstick will give a tint without damaging your skin! It is a brand that cares about the effect makeup has on your skin. Creating such products with that in the forefront, it is a brand that does not compromise health with beauty. Truly a gift worth giving!

What are some gift ideas do you have in mind? Share with us the favourite gifts you’ve received or let us know how your Christmas shopping is coming along! Be sure to get started on your shopping list during our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Happy holidays!