Acne Treatment: Get Rid of Pimples Permanently

Acne Treatment: Get Rid of Pimples Permanently

Posted by Naturelova on 18th Jul 2022

Acne Treatment: Get Rid of Pimples Permanently

Troubled by stubborn acne? If you have tried everything you could think of and still cannot get rid of acne, then you are in luck. Getting clear skin is much more than having a rigid skincare routine. It depends on what products you use, what you eat, your overall lifestyle, and much more.

No matter what your skin type is, there are a few full-proof steps to attain permanently acne-free skin. In this article, you will learn how you can manage pimples, reduce blemishes, and maintain clear skin at all times. All you have to do is embrace a healthy routine and make some simple lifestyle changes.

Why Do We Get Acne?

First, let’s look at the reason behind acne. Typically, acne appears when the hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil. Pimples are formed when bacteria infect these clogged pores. Sometimes, the follicle’s wall might darken and become a blackhead. Alternatively, it may bulge and form a whitehead.

So the prime reasons for acne are excess sebum production and clogged hair follicles. Bacteria and inflammation are also triggers that can increase your acne problem. In addition, some other factors can worsen acne.

Hormonal changes such as raised androgen levels commonly cause acne during puberty. But, not to forget, genetics may also play a role. Also, some medications that contain lithium, corticosteroids, or testosterone can trigger an acne breakout.

Your diet can also play a role in maintaining skin health. For example, a carbohydrate-rich diet can worsen acne. Another reason is stress. Even though stress does not cause acne, it can worsen your existing acne.

Effective Natural Acne Treatment

Cleansing Your Face

When it comes to your skin, there is no one-size-fits-all product. Instead, you need to pay attention and understand what your skin needs. Surely, cleansing is an essential skincare step, but you must select a product made with ingredients that best cater to your skin needs.

If you have oily skin, cleansers containing natural salicylic acid or amino acids will offer optimum benefits. You can also use a glycolic gel. For sensitive skin, more gentle cleansers are required. Mild cleansers with lactic acid or glycerin have a hydrating effect. You may want to choose a cream-based cleanser that will not strip moisture off your skin.

Using Organic Pimple Creams

Combat your pimples with organic pimple creams. Use a cream that contains natural plant active ingredient Golden seal (Hydrastis Canadensis) as it gently soothes the acne-prone skin. It provides immediate relief for red, painful, inflamed pimples and acne lesions without causing any harm to the surrounding skin.

Aloe vera gel also serves as an effective plant-based pimple cream. Not only does it fight bacteria and reduce inflammation, but it also facilitates quicker healing of wounds. Aloe vera contains salicylic acid, lupeol, urea nitrogen, phenols, cinnamonic acid, and sulfur - all of which can fight pimple-causing bacteria.

Another wonder ingredient to watch out for is Argan Oil. It's a versatile oil that not only helps get rid of acne and other skin conditions but is also great for your hair and nails.

Spot Treatment with Essential Oils

Not only do essential oils smell pleasant, but they also offer a plethora of health benefits. One of its many benefits includes fighting acne. In addition, essential oils such as Sea Buckthorn oil have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which help reduce pimples quickly.

Essential oils containing tea tree, clove, lavender, rose, and cinnamon can inhibit P. acnes and S. epidermidis, acne-causing bacteria. Lemongrass and rosemary essential oil can also fight P. acnes. Note that essential oils are usually highly concentrated. To avoid irritation, use a carrier oil to dilute and do a test patch before using.

Mix 10 drops of any of these essential oils with 30 ml of carrier oil like Argan oil, which also has properties that help cure acne. Apply the mixture to your pimples with a cotton swab. Repeat the process one to two times per day.

You can also choose to use toners containing these essential oils along with other ingredients that target acne for better results.

Wearing Clean Make-up

Unfortunately, most makeup products have toxic and acne-triggering ingredients hiding on the labels. When buying cosmetics, consider clean products that will not cause acne. Take time to read the label. Obvious choices include tags such as oil-free, non-acnegenic, or non-comedogenic.

Select makeup products that are transparent and have clean ingredients. A clean product is free of toxic chemicals, hormone disruptors, and carcinogens. Check the label to ensure the product does not contain paraben (such as butylparaben and propylparaben), fragrance, chemical UV filters, diethanolamine, triclosan, formaldehyde, polyethylene, or butylated hydroxyanisole.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

You will be surprised what a big impact making simple changes to daily activities like eating and sleeping can have on your skin health. A regular sleep pattern is good for overall health. Try to get eight hours of sleep at night. Eat three balanced healthy meals each day and increase your water intake. All these can help reduce acne, but you also need to monitor other activities.

For example, you must say goodbye to your habit of squeezing or picking pimples. No matter how carefully you pop a pimple, it might leave a bump and a mark. To avoid scarring, leave your zits alone. You can also put on a pimple patch to dry out your pimple and heal it fast. This would also prevent you from touching it and causing any bacterial infection.

Take Supplements

Like most things, nutrition plays an important role in reducing or preventing acne. If you are not getting essential nutrition support from your meals, you can take supplements to improve skin wellness. Yes, some vitamins can improve acne.

You can start taking a multivitamin to boost your skin health. These vitamins are also great for your hair and nails. Consider choosing a vitamin that contains turmeric, as it can help with skin concerns. What’s more, it can combat inflammation and bacterial infection. Turmeric is also recommended to improve the immune system.


There is no way to eliminate your pimples entirely overnight. However, with proper care, you can reduce pain and swelling. In addition, by making some minor changes to your lifestyle, you can make your pimples less noticeable.

You need to pay heed to the right skincare and also use clean makeup products to prevent and reduce acne. At the same time, you can take supplements, eat healthily, and drink sufficient amounts of water to help flush out toxins from your body. Essential oils and organic pimple creams are also effective acne-control methods. Take a holistic approach to ensure your acne is no longer a concern. Use only organic and natural ingredients to let your skin breathe and stay healthy.

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