8 Hair Care Myths Debunked

8 Hair Care Myths Debunked

Posted by Naturelova on 14th Feb 2023

8 Hair Care Myths Debunked

When it comes to physical beauty, hair is considered one of the most beautiful assets a person can possess. As a result, everyone is chasing for solutions to improve their oily, frizzy, and unhealthy hair.

Unfortunately, interest in hair care is frequently met with false advertisements and useless advice. There is so much fluff in the name of hair care tips out there that it is easy to feel lost. 

Don’t worry; we are here to help. Here, you can read about some of the most common hair care myths and find out how much truth they have in them. Keep reading so that together, we can debunk some myths and rumours surrounding hair.

8 Hair Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

Shampooing Your Hair Every Day Leads to Hair Fall

For even something as simple as washing your hair, there seem to be hundreds of rules to follow. For example, one of the most common myths is that over-shampooing can provoke hair fall. In reality, all shampoo does is just to clean the scalp and hair.

There are no general rules on how often you should shampoo your hair. It really depends on your hair type, styling practices, and lifestyle. You can cleanse your hair as many times as required. Just use the right products, and hair fall will not be a concern. However, you should avoid chemical-based shampoos as they can make hair brittle and dry. Instead, go for natural vegan shampoos and conditioners, as they are gentle on your hair and provide much-needed nutrients to your hair.

Over-shampooing does not directly contribute to hair fall. Instead, not washing your hair for too long can lead to the buildup of dead cells, oil, and bacteria can lead to hair fall.

If You Have Oily Hair, You Shouldn't Use a Conditioner

Many people are afraid of using conditioner on their oily hair. However, it is a myth that using conditioner on greasy hair can be damaging. Instead of avoiding conditioners altogether, you should find a conditioner that suits your hair type.

Conditioners help balance the pH level of your hair after shampoo strips lustre from it. Identify what type of conditioner would best nourish your oily hair. Clarifying shampoos are great for oily hair. Pair them with a conditioner containing citrus or tea tree oil, as they help balance your scalp’s pH levels and control excess oil production, making your hair feel and look healthy.

Plucking Your Greys Will Lead To More Greys

Just spotted your first grey hair? Afraid to pluck it because you are concerned that it will only lead to more greys? Well, that’s not true! Hair colour changes due to a lack of melanin in your hair follicle. Your hair turns white or grey when your cells stop producing melanin.

So, scientifically speaking, plucking grey strands cannot increase the number of grey hairs on your head. Rather, this habit of plucking hair might disturb neighbouring hair roots and can weaken them. It may even prevent the regrowth of hair in particular spots and lead to scarring, thinning, and hair loss.

Split Ends Can Be Repaired

Do not waste your time trying different remedies that claim to repair split hair ends. There is no way to fix split ends. Once a strand of hair starts to split, you have no option but to cut the damaged part off. Otherwise, it will get worse and deteriorate the quality of your hair.

When it comes to split ends, prevention is the key. Avoid hair tools like hair straighteners that make use of high temperatures so you can reduce the chances of getting split ends.

Improper brushing can also increase the chances of breakage. Always start at the ends of your hair when you start brushing and work your way upwards. You can also benefit from using different brushes for wet and dry hair.

Having a Hair Cut Regularly Will Help Hair Growth

Do you trim your hair regularly, expecting it to boost hair growth? Unfortunately, hair trims have no relationship to the speed at which your hair will grow. However, frequent trimming might make your hair seem longer, as trimming damaged hair can give the impression of healthier and fuller hair.

Getting a haircut (of between 0.5 cm to 1.7cm) every 6 to 8 weeks can improve overall hair quality by eliminating split ends, but it will not have any effect on your follicles. Factors that can affect your hair growth are genetics, age, gender, and eating habits. The season and environmental conditions can also play a role in how fast your hair grows. You can also take Biotine supplements to enhance your hair growth and improve your hair’s health.

Dandruff Indicates You Have a Dry Scalp

If dandruff and a dry scalp are etched as one in your mind, it is time to unlearn some things. The two have no correlation. Dandruff is caused by Malassezia, a fungus that feeds on the sebum on your scalp. Contrary to popular belief, dandruff thrives in oily environments, where the dandruff-causing fungus grows best.

Do not fall prey to myths about dandruff by not shampooing your hair. Shampooing frequently can keep your scalp dry and therefore keep dandruff away. For better results, try using an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Changing Your Hair Care Products Frequently is Good For Your Hair

Were you under the impression that swapping hair care products every few months is good for hair? Not true! Once you find the right shampoo and conditioner, it is best to stick to it.

Finding other hair products that suit your hair type is often challenging. Do not bother changing your hair products over and over again if you have found something that works well for you.

However, from time to time, you might need to change the products based on what your hair needs. For example, if you have moved to a location with a different climate or started styling your hair with various tools, you might have to adjust your hair care product accordingly.

Brushing Your Hair Multiple Times a Day Will Stimulate Hair Growth

Do you brush your hair multiple times a day in the hope that it will stimulate hair growth? You might want to reconsider doing so. It is a myth that the more you brush, the healthier your hair will be. 

Instead, excessive brushing can lead to more harm than good. You can brush to style your hair, but this will not provide any stimulation for your scalp. Instead, gently detangle the hair knots before brushing, and limit brushing to only a few times a day. Rigorous combing can cause friction and weaken the hair roots.


How to take the best care of your hair? If you have been on the hunt to answer this question, you must have come across a world of hair care advice. Sadly, many of these hair care tips are baseless and untrue.

Before you can learn what to do to get healthy hair tresses, you need to know what not to believe. Well, some of the most common things you grew up believing in are actually false. For example, does brushing multiple times a day promote hair growth? No! Neither does frequent trimming.

There is no solution to split ends, and plucking grey hairs will not lead to more grey hairs. It is essential to isolate myths from facts before you start believing in any hair-related suggestions. 

While we have tried to uncover some common myths here, there are still many more. So always do thorough research before you follow any advice regarding your body, as you are the primary caretaker of it. But you can blindly trust us on one front, natural hair care routines and products are the best for your hair and body. So go natural if you want to nourish your hair the right way, as well as have a positive impact on your overall health.