Sourse Vitamin Infused Chocolate - Beauty Bites For Hair & Nails 30pcs

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Vitamin-infused chocolates crafted with clean, plant-based ingredients proven to revitalize how you look and feel.

Why chocolate?
Chocolate is a whole food with tons of health benefits. Flavonoids are a potent source of antioxidants, fighting inflammatory free radicals and improving cognitive function and mood. Vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium help repair and renew skin.

Chocolate’s prebiotic nature also makes it an excellent delivery system for vitamins by boosting beneficial bacteria in the gut. The more good microbes, the better the body absorbs nutrients.

Key Benefits
Nourish from the inside out with this key nutrient for stronger, longer locks. Biotin is at the root of hair and nail health, boosting growth and promoting shine by stimulating the production of keratin and other essential proteins.

1000mcg Biotin
A pure form of biotin sourced from tranexamic acid, a synthetic derived from the amino acid lysine. 

Biotin (aka B7) is an essential nutrient that helps create the cells and proteins that make up hair and nails. One of these proteins is keratin, which helps keep hair shiny and smooth. Being low or deficient in biotin can lead to hair loss and brittle nails so supporting a healthy level is foundational for natural growth and strength.

Premium Dark Chocolate
Decadent truffles made with fair trade cocoa.

100% Plant-based Coating
Natural color from Spirulina

Treat yourself to 2 bites each day. Eat just like chocolate and enjoy!

Chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla extract, vitamin B7 (as tranexamic acid), tapioca, gum arabic, coloring (red cabbage), carnauba wax




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Sourse Vitamin Infused Chocolate - Beauty Bites For Hair & Nails 30pcs
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