About Us


How it all began...

What brings a lasting glow from within? Clean beauty and clean nutrition (no synthetics, no fillers, no toxins). We believe that safer skincare and good nutrition is key for a healthy glow. We want to share that secret with you. What better than to bring to you a range of natural, organic and hypoallergenic brands as well as superfoods from all over the world to your doorstep! Our partners create products that care about beauty and well-being without compromises.


We understand that everyone has different skin conditions and nutritional needs. Recognising the effect that food has on our skin, body, moods and energy levels, we strive to tailor a range of superfoods and protective skincare for your needs. Here is a little secret: there is no need to trade off beautiful skin and a healthier lifestyle for toxins and chemicals! We source for the most wholesome brands and they’re just a click away. Organic skincare, natural beauty products, shower gels and the honest supplements is now more accessible.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle is now made easy with a range of organic food that sources pure ingredients without any fillers, chemicals or metals. Whether you are always on the go or looking for a simpler way to give your body the nutrition it needs, start your search on NATURELOVA. We curate the brands to give you quality options in a jiffy!

Makeup gives us the opportunity to show confidence. We want to help you show your best self with safer cosmetics by giving your skin the right minerals. Whether your sensitive skin requires non-toxic ingredients in your cosmetics or you simply need safer skin or personal care products with proven results, we have got you covered.

Our Values

Natural, organic and hypoallergenic - the best way to nourish and protect your skin. This drives us to make sure we bring to your screens a wide range of safer products for you and your family. We believe in good ol’ wholesome products. No short-cuts. The partners we work with share that same belief. Like us, they are committed to creating products that prioritise your well-being. If you are an animal lover, this is the place for a variety of cruelty-free labels. We offer a range of brands that you can trust.

Your well-being starts with the choices you make everyday.  Make the right one together with us! 

Interest in Partnerships

We’re excited to work with partners who feel the same way about providing safer and quality choices. If you’re into distributing , retail and looking to make natural, organic and vegan-friendly brands more accessible, we want to work with you! Reach out to us at

NATURELOVA - your trusted source for clean beauty, clean nutrition