Bumps and Bruises Cream with Arnica 15ml (Mini)

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Suitable for newborns to adults.
Live your life without synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients.

What it does?
In addition to its well-known use as a topical pain relief agent, Arnica preparations have shown wound healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Arnica in cream form or takeBn orally is beneficial in reducing soft tissue swelling and bruising following surgery, dental work, sport’s injuries and knocks or falls. 
Arnica cream is beneficial for tired aching legs after exertion.
Arnica helps to promote relaxation of the body after childbirth.

Lovingly crafted with nature's finest organic ingredients

  • Beautifully nourishing and hydrating with 69.8% of total ingredients from Organic Farming and remaining from natural origin
  • Hypo-allergenic, so good for the most sensitive skin
  • Non greasy, readily absorbed, fast acting 
  • No silicone, no parabens, no sulphates
  • No artificial preservative
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No artificial colouring

How to use it:
Newborns to adults : apply topically to affected area as soon as possible after injury.
Repeat 3 -4 times a day or as needed.
Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds.

When to use it?

  • Bumps
  • Bruising
  • Sprains, strains
  • Swelling and Inflammation
  • Muscle aches, soreness and stiffness

When not to use it?

  • Do not use on broken skin, like leg ulcers. 
  • Do not use if taking blood-thinning medication.
  • Do not use with other medicated Sports creams.
  • Stop using if you have any skin reaction like redness or irritation, or if your symptoms worsen or do not improve within 2weeks.


Keep out of direct sun.
Store Calendula Cream at room temperature between 20C to 25C (68F to 77F).

Arnica 30C, Ruta 6C
Benyl alcohol- a natural preservative

Made in Australia. Natural Aid

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Bumps and Bruises Cream with Arnica 15ml (Mini)
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