​Why choose a Vegan powder

​Why choose a Vegan powder

Posted by Content Contributed By Amazonia on 8th Mar 2019

Going back a few years, there were very few people interested in vegan protein powders. Whey protein was most widely known and considered the only way to go to build and fuel muscles, recovery and meet everyday protein needs. Vegan and plant proteins have come a long way since then.

Now plant-based diets are increasingly growing in popularity, more and more people are making the switch to vegan protein options even though they aren’t 100% vegan. So what’s the reason behind the increased interest in vegan protein powders? Many people choose vegan protein powders as they follow a vegan diet, others due to allergens. Some may be drawn to the exceptional health benefits of plant-based protein powders and the ingredients. There are multiple reasons why you should choose a vegan protein powder.

By choosing a vegan protein powder you will be adding diversity in your diet, meaning your body is benefiting from more than one source of protein. Like other aspects of a balanced diet, it is recommended to ingest a variety of foods, like fruits and vegetables. Especially those following mainly a whole food, plant based diet which is naturally high in carbohydrates and lower in protein and fats. Even if you are just looking for a healthy, easy way to increase protein intake your body will benefit from a high-quality vegan protein powder. Increasing protein could help with energy levels, muscle recovery and all-around health as protein are essential for other bodily processes.

Vegan proteins are great for digestion. Whey proteins can come with side effects including prolonged bloating. Many people find even though they are not completely lactose intolerant, they can be still sensitive to lactose. If this is the case, consuming dairy-based protein powders this can lead to feeling bloated and clogged. Especially if you consuming more than one serving a day, digestive stress can be a serious issue. Depending on the brand and product, whey proteins generally contain a lot more additives and unnecessary ingredients that you could not want to be ingesting. By choosing a vegan protein powder your body does not have to work to break down any foreign or complicated ingredients because there aren’t any!

Initially, when swapping to a plant-based protein, some may experience some bloating especially if you come from a highly processed diet. However, in time most people find they actually experience less bloating and digestive issues compared to whey. Vegan proteins are often free from most common allergens and are easy to digest. Amazonia use the highest quality certified golden pea and brown rice protein in the range. The Golden Pea Protein is sprouted which decreases the presence of anti-nutrients such as phytic acid which may inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Decreasing the levels of phytic acid also allows greater nutrient content and easier absorption. They are also fermented to remove the pea starch, resulting in a high protein concentrate and making it easy for your body to use and digest. The Brown Rice Protein is also sprouted and is a high-quality plant-based protein source containing all essential amino acids.

One of the main reasons that vegan proteins have been considered not equal to whey is due to the amino acid profile. There are essential amino acids, meaning your body cannot make them itself so it has to be consumed from an external dietary source. Compared to non-essential amino acids where your body can produce them itself through vitamins and other amino acids. Your body needs all amino acids to build and maintain lean muscle as well as perform other various functions required. Although some vegan proteins on the market may be missing some essential amino acids, Amazonia have been sure to include a wide range of plant-based protein sources to make sure you get all the essential amino acids. They key is to consume a wide variety of different plant-based protein sources.

Just like any other type of protein powder, plant-based options are versatile and easy to use. They can be simply mixed in a shaker on the go, post workout or as a snack. Also great to blend with fruit, greens and other nutritional ingredients. It can also be used in cooking and baking as it adds sweetness and flavour without adding in extra sugar while boosting the protein content!

In summary, plant based proteins are not inferior to whey based powders. Adding a high-quality vegan protein powder to your diet is a great option and can help you whatever your goal may be if to lose weight, build muscle or generally eat less animal or dairy products. Vegan proteins are also great if you are sensitive to dairy or milk, you don’t have to be vegan to choose the plant-based option. Whatever the reason for choosing a vegan protein powder, you cannot go wrong with a high-quality, premium protein!

Amazonia have a variety of different ranges of plant-based proteins depending on your preference and specific goals. Available in multiple delicious flavour options, you will be sure to find a protein perfect for you.