Skincare is for Everyone, Even Men!

Skincare is for Everyone, Even Men!

Posted by Naturelova on 16th May 2022

Skincare is for Everyone, Even Men! 

Do you know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body? Therefore, it is paramount for anyone, whether male or female, to take good care of it. Skin is so much more than just a matter of your general appearance. If taken care of well, it will pay back in terms of improving your health. Therefore, irrespective of gender, age, or ethnicity, proper skincare is a necessary routine for everyone.

No matter how busy you are, taking care of your skin will give you a new and invigorated look, protect you from the harsh sunlight, prevent infections from any injury, and give you an overall healthy appearance.

Why is Skincare Necessary?

Good skincare offers numerous benefits but, on the other hand, when neglected, can give you plenty of reasons for regret. Below are some points outlining the need for skincare that everyone should consider and include in their daily routines.

Maintain Good Health

Taking care of the skin will definitely enhance your external appearance, but it’s equally true that those who watch over their skin often remain healthier than others.

However, when skin is not taken care of, one might become more susceptible to diseases, infections, rashes, acne, wrinkles, and sores. Such occurrences could also have a psychological impact on one’s mind. To avoid all these negative experiences, taking out a few minutes of your time to take care of the skin is still the best solution.

Boosts One's Confidence

Skin problems can indeed hamper your self-confidence. While beauty lies beyond the outer appearance, blemished, sagging, or dull skin can surely make you feel less attractive. But, on the other hand, when it’s well presented, you will feel good about yourself and are better able to face the world as well as speak your mind.

If you want people to give you the thumbs-up, you should put your best foot forward by looking confident and healthy.

Helps to Remove the Old and Unwanted Skin Cells

Every day is a day of change for your skin. The outermost layer creates room for newer skin by shedding off its older cells. As a result, the new skin needs room to grow and glow. By practising proper skincare, you can avoid any imperfections and dullness of your new skin. Once the old cells are cleared, your skin will always have a radiant and youthful look.

We All Love to Look Beautiful, But it Takes Time!

Beauty does not come easily, and we must work for it. Remember that it does not happen in a day, which is why we need to maintain a daily skincare routine for the long term. Consistency is the key to achieving great skin. If you want gorgeous skin that will be loved by all, then the only option is to watch over it carefully.

What Skincare Routine Should One Follow?

There is a lot of confusion when deciding on the right skincare routine. However, there is no one size fits all solution for this. While there are some basic steps you must follow to maintain your skin health, you should try and curate a regime that best suits your skin. Also, invest in the right products to achieve radiant and gorgeous skin.

Look for brands that provide you with organic and vegan skincare solutions to get the most from the ingredients. Organic solutions are generally made of the most active and purest of the ingredients that are grown without the use of any fertilisers or products containing chemicals. On top of that, they strongly advocate against animal testing and the use of non-biodegradable packing. So think environment too when you think of skincare.

Morning Skincare Routine

Protecting your skin in the morning is the best way to reduce any negative effects of environmental factors such as harsh ultraviolet rays. It also hydrates your skin and keeps it fresh throughout the day. Simple steps can help you keep your skin healthy now as well as in the long run.


It’s recommended that you start your morning by gently cleansing your skin. Apply a cleanser by massaging it all over your. The best cleanser you can use is a one with low foam. Rinse off with water until the cleanser is fully cleared. Pat your face with a soft and clean towel to dry it before applying any makeup.

You should also make it a habit to exfoliate your skin two to three times a week to ensure the dead skin cells are removed, and there is enough space for new ones to grow.

Toner Application

If you use a toner, ensure to apply it only after cleansing the face. Use cotton wool to wipe it all around the face. This helps remove any dead cells that could have been left during the cleansing session.

Use Antioxidant Serum

Using serum on your face in the morning ensures that your face is protected from free radicals that you may experience during the day. An example of something you can use is the brightening vitamin C serum, which can be used by different skin types, whether oily or dry. Such a serum can either be ingested or applied directly to the skin.


The aim of moisturising the skin is to ensure it remains hydrated and protected from any damage from sunlight. Therefore, a moisturiser with SPF minerals is most recommended for day applications. If you use a moisturiser without sun protection, you should make it a point to use sunscreen every day. This is because the UV rays from the sun can cause irreversible DNA changes in the skin, resulting in premature skin ageing as well as skin cancer.

Evening Care Routine

While the morning routine is a must, it is equally important to continue watching over your skin throughout the day, which means having a good evening routine.


After a long and busy day, refresh your face by cleansing it to remove any excess dirt accumulated. You can use the same cleanser as that for the morning.


The use of serum in the evening helps repair and give the skin a youthful look. In addition, the skin will have enough time to soak it in and repair any cells damaged during the day due to exposure to pollutants and sunlight.


Finally, use a light evening moisturiser. This helps seal any cracks in the skin cells and acts as a catalyst for a fresh new look the following morning.


We often tend to forget or get lazy about caring for our skin. However, good self-care is good healthcare. Grabbing a few minutes from your busy schedule, waking up a few minutes earlier than usual, and sleeping a few minutes later in the evening are just some of the sacrifices that will help you take charge of your skin.

On the other hand, do use organic skincare products for your skin for a perfect and long-lasting outcome, and occasionally, treat yourself to a face massage. Also, as we age, we should change our skincare products to the ones more appropriate for us so that our skin gets the required nourishment. Remember, caring for your skin is one crucial part of healthcare and is for everyone.

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