How Do You Use White Eyeliners?

How Do You Use White Eyeliners?

Posted by Naturelova on 1st Oct 2022

How Do You Use White Eyeliners?

Have you been conditioned to use black eyeliners all the time? Well, maybe it is time to reconsider! Unfortunately, black eyeliners may not be a flattering choice for all types of looks. It is sometimes better to use a softer colour like white to better complement your eyes.

White might seem like an unusual choice for an eyeliner, but it sure can offer many benefits. From brightening your eyes to making them look bigger, there are several reasons why you should embrace white eyeliners.

In this article, you can explore some of the top reasons to choose white eyeliners. Plus, you can learn how to use white eyeliners for the best results.

What Do White Eyeliners Do To Your Eyes?

No matter what’s the shape or colour of your eyes, a white liner can enhance them significantly. While black eyeliners can make the eyes look harsh, white can make them seem more lively. Applying white eyeliner is a great way to look awake as it can help you look less tired. In addition, it can make the eyes appear more pronounced and larger.

Unlike dark liners, white liners do not give a drawn-down look. On the contrary, it can brighten your overall look when applied to the bottom waterline. No wonder white eyeliner is the best hack for a tired girl!

In addition to choosing a liner that will accentuate your eyes' beauty, selecting a product with clean ingredients is essential. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with eyeliners containing allergens, irritants, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors - all of which can cause severe damage to your health.

Eyes are very sensitive, so checking what your eyeliner is made from is critical. Be sure to choose a white liner like the Alima Natural Definition Eye Pencil that is free of harsh ingredients like arsenic, cadmium, benzene, coal tar, chromium, formaldehyde, crystalline silica, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, etc. Just like all other makeup and skincare products, always choose a natural and organic option when buying white eyeliner.

5 Ways to Use White Eyeliners

Do a Winged Liner Look With White Eyeliners

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What better way to use eyeliner than doing a winged eye look? Yes, all you have to do is apply a streak of white liner on the top part of your eyes. This bold swipe of white is a genius move that can make your eyes stand out.

If you want extra oomph, you can make the line bolder. One way to make your white eye look more alluring is to extend it into a wing. Draw a wing in the outer corner and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. This will draw a lot of attention to your eyes and make your eye colour pop!

For the perfect winged liner look, apply the eyeliner to your upper lash line first. Then, hold the white liner at the edge of the outer corner of your lash line and draw a small diagonal line out to create a wing. Next, draw a straight line from the tip of the wing to the middle of the upper lash line. Fill in this outline to get the perfect winged white eyeliner look.

Paint Your Waterline White

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Bright colours always draw light. You can shade your waterline white and enjoy the same effect on your eyes. A white waterline will make your eyes look brighter and wider. This can come especially handy for those with smaller eyes as this trick can make you seem more awake.

What’s more, applying white eyeliner on your waterline can help enhance the whites in your eyes and cover redness, if any. You can use a matte white eye pencil to apply to your waterline.

Use one hand to gently pull the skin under your eyes and apply the pencil liner back and forth with the other hand. You can use an eyeshadow brush to blend the liner and soften the harsh edges. Use a cotton swab to swipe across the waterline and make it dry before you apply the eyeliner.

Highlight Inner Corners With White Liner

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Worried your eyes will look dull and tired? Then, you can use white eyeliner to highlight your eyes. Using a hint of white to the inner corners can instantly brighten the look of your eyes. The best thing about white eyeliner is it can be used with any combination of eyeshadows.

It is so versatile that it looks good with anything. Simply put on the eyeshadow of your choice, and then apply a white liner to the inner corners of both eyes. Finish the look with mascara. You can also trace a “V” shape on the inner corner of your eyes if you want the highlighting effect but do not know how to step out of your comfort zone.

Line the Crease With White for a Creative look

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You can also create an artistic eye look by applying white eyeliner away from the lash lines. Experiment with different types of lines and shapes to add a trendy vibe to the look.

All you have to do is carefully draw a line on your crease in one quick motion. Make sure the line is thin. If you follow the shape of your crease when drawing this white line, you will get a crease with a well-defined cut. Why not hop on the cool cut crease trend if it is so easy?

Lift Your Eyebrows With White Eyeliner


One of the most common ways to use white eyeliner is to define your eyebrows. You can trace your natural eyebrow shape with a white eye pencil to define them and also give them a lifted appearance. Also, apply white liner on the highest areas on your brow bone and blend well to further highlight the eyes.

Want a more dramatic brow transformation? Highlight your natural brows intensely with white liner, from where the brow arch begins to where it ends. This will lift your eyes.


Your eye makeup can make or break a look. With white eyeliner, you can not only create dramatic eye looks that ought to impress, but you can also draw attention to your eyes even when your eye makeup is simple.

Use a white liner to line your brows, highlight the inner corner, and even line your waterline. All of these will make your eyes look brighter and wider. Overall, the hint of white in the right places will make you look awake.

If you wish to create more intense eye looks with white, you can do that too! Line the lashline with white liner and extend it into a dramatic winged edge if you want. You can also do a white cut crease or try a different shape on your crease with white. No matter what you choose, a white liner will be a game changer. So give it a try today!