Fill Your Rooms With The Amazing Fragrance Of Essentiq Diffuser Grapefruit

Fill Your Rooms With The Amazing Fragrance Of Essentiq Diffuser Grapefruit

Posted by natureLOVA on 18th Apr 2017

The sense of “smelling” is undoubtedly the most neglected and less valued sense that God blessed our human body with. Well, we should be thankful to God that it gave us the power to smell. Smelling is spontaneous and strongly connected with various areas of the brain that process our memory. Believe it or not, you might forget the place you had visited before but you will instantly connect to it by just smelling a familiar smell around you. Sounds really strange but it’s true, surveys show that.

Smell brings immediate brain response. Scents diffusers are away to access parts of your mind quickly. These small looking diffusers are actually very handy and are capable of filling your rooms with pleasant fragrances. When it comes to fragrance products, Essentiq is name that leads the charts. The brand offers a wide range of fragrance products,which includes reed diffusers and room sprays. All these products are available in beautiful fragrances such as:-

  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon and peach
  • Lime and pear
  • Bergamot and aniseed

Talking about the grapefruit fragrance in particular, it is surely one of a kind. The enchantment of plant musk and tonka bean form the basis springs a vortex of fruity flower fragrances. The moment you open the diffuser, the fragrance immediately transports you to the middle of Sicilian grapefruit, orange and lemon groves.

What follows is the sharp and discrete flowery smell of rose,violet, and geranium. The content of the diffuser is highly concentrated and sufficient enough to stimulate you senses for more than three months. The biggest benefit of the diffuser is that it relieves stress and anxiety.


  • The product contains100% bio-alcohol, essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, orange, violet, rose, geranium, plant musk and tonka bean.
  • The reed sticks consist of natural and unbleached rattan. The wooden cups are from certified sustainable forests
  • Only natural colors are used in the production of the diffuser. The fragrances are not toxic for humans and have been certified by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association)
  • The packaging is of glass and can be recycled.

The application of the product is extremely simple. All you got to do is replace the cork seal of the bottle with the wooden cap and put the rattan sticks into the fragrance. You canturn the sticks over if you desire a more intensified smell.

How to get Essentiq Diffuser Grapefruit?

You can buy this remarkable diffuser of Essentiq through, a reliable supplier of cosmetic products. Apart from diffusers and room sprays. offers a wide range of skin, body and hair care products.

Browse the products online and place your order.