Don’t Let Your Makeup Be a Mess, Use High Quality Foundations

Don’t Let Your Makeup Be a Mess, Use High Quality Foundations

Posted by natureLOVA on 21st Mar 2017

One of the most essential facets of makeup is foundation. Foundation acts as the empty canvas on which you apply the rest of your makeup. It is very important to get it right because it is the base for any makeup application. It needs to be closest to your skin color otherwise your makeup will be a total mess. Foundation helps you to hidescars, marks, wrinkles and pigmented areas of skin. It does not only add color to your skin, it also provides you a protective covering from the Sun, wind and cold weather.

It would not be wrong to say that foundation is the most individualized makeup that a woman wears. So, it becomes necessary that you shop wisely for “your foundation”. If you don’t know about it, there are various kinds of foundations available in market that you can choose from. Mineral foundations are quite popular among users. As the name itself suggests, mineral foundations contain minerals that help you get rid of your various facial imperfections. Thesefoundations can be applied dry or wet. is a well reputed name in the cosmetic industry having a wide range of beauty products specifically targeted towards the nourishment and protection of skin and hair of customers.The brandis offering the best mineral makeup foundations for every skin type and color. You can get:-

Liquid Silk Foundation

If you are looking for the most versatile foundation option, liquid silk foundation is the one to go for. This sheer, buildable and moisturizing foundation comes in 10 flexible shades. It can be paired perfectly with any shade of concealer for a fresh, easy matching, natural-looking and traceless coverage. The product feels like you are putting on a moisturizer. After the application, your skin feels soft, plump and hydrated.

Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Anti-oxidant Complex

This foundation comes in the form of a pressed mineral powder. It is lightweight and gives you a velvety, matte finish. The rice and mica powders provide you smooth, even and buildable coverage. The Rosehip Anti-oxidant Complex soothes, protects, and revitalizes your delicate facial skin. You get the foundationin a refillable compact that facilitates you an easy, on the go application.

Satin Matte Foundation

This is a hypoallergenic foundation that goes on easy with your skin and feels like nothing at all. It evens out your skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine and enhances your complexion.The product is available in 61 shades for different skin types.

Well, as you are getting plenty of options in foundations, the coverage is up to you. You can eithergo for a more natural-skin finish that minimizes pores but somehow shows your freckles or opt for a full matte coverage.

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