Lip Care 101 - All You Need to Know to Start Your Lip Care Routine

Lip Care 101 - All You Need to Know to Start Your Lip Care Routine

Posted by Naturelova on 22nd Jun 2022

Lip Care 101 - All You Need to Know to Start Your Lip Care Routine

When it comes to skincare, you leave no stones unturned. From exfoliation to moisturisation to hydration, you have embraced the complete routine! But unfortunately, while the rest of your face is well taken care of, you often forget to show enough love to your lips.

If you are constantly wondering why your lips crack and chap so easily, it’s because your lip care routine is lacking. Thankfully, it is never too late to start. Plus, lip care is extremely simple. So, what can you do to make sure your lips stay in top-notch shape? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about lip care. Keep reading to find out how you can attain soft and healthy lips.

Why is Lip Care Important?

Skin is actually most delicate and at its thinnest on the lips. Lips bear the highest skin cell turnover and should not be left out when planning a skincare regime. Skin all over your body except your lips has sebaceous glands. These glands are responsible for natural oil production to keep skin moisturised and soft. The lack of sebaceous glands makes lips more prone to dryness.

The chemical-based lipsticks and balms you use regularly can also affect the mouth margin. Many lip care products are packed with alcohol, petroleum, parabens, and other toxins that can trigger dryness. Lips can also chap and crack during cold and dry winter sessions. Extreme wind or heat can also cause lip chapping.

What’s more, nutrient deficiencies and dehydration can also wreak havoc on your lips. Therefore, protecting and pampering your lips will not only help attain a more desirable look but will also help avoid physical discomfort such as dryness, chapping, and bleeding.

Lip Care Routine for Healthy Lips

Exfoliate Using a Lip Scrub

Wondering how to fix flaky and parched lips? You can remove chapped skin on your lips the same way you tackle dry patches of skin: exfoliation! Exfoliation can remove the dry layer of skin and reveal a healthy and shiny underlayer of lip skin.

For best results, use a good lip scrub. However, remember that exfoliation with a lip scrub is not for every day. Excessive exfoliation can exacerbate the condition of your lips. Ideally, exfoliating one to three times every week is considered healthy.

You can make your own simple DIY lip scrub at home. All you need is to mix one part of white or brown sugar with an equal amount of any nourishing oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter oil, and olive oil. But if you want to save yourself from all the hassles of making it at home, buy a lip scrub that contains all-natural and vegan ingredients.

Hydrate With a Lip Balm

The lack of sebaceous oil glands means your lips need extra hydration at all times. One of the easiest ways to do so is by applying lip balm. Always have a lip balm handy as your lips can get dry and chappy any time of the day. If you want smooth lips, you must apply lip balm multiple times a day. 

Unfortunately, the ingredients used to make readily available lip balms are often chemical-based. Instead, get lip balms that contain organic and moisturising ingredients. In addition, a good lip balm will contain antioxidants and naturally derived boosters like cocoa and calendula.

Want to make your own lip balm? That’s easy too! Add two tbsp. Shea butter, four tbsp. Nourishing oil such as almond, coconut, or olive oil, and three tbsp. of beeswax pellets. Melt all the ingredients in a microwave and stir to mix. Then, cool the concoction and use a lip balm. You may add a subtle tint to your DIY lip balm to get a radiant glow.

Protect By Applying SPF

Just like skin everywhere else on your body, your lips need protection from harmful sun rays. So never complete your skincare routine without applying SPF. Apply SPF on your face and body and also on your lips. As the lips have no melanin, SPF is an excellent way to protect your lips from sun damage.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Adding an SPF product to your lips is easier than you think. Replace your existing lip balms with those that have sun protection properties. In addition to protecting against sun damage and skin cancer, lip products containing SPF can prevent collagen breakdown and delay skin ageing effects.

Moisturise With the Help of Natural Lipsticks

Traditional lip products are made of questionable ingredients such as artificial dyes, parabens, flavours, and chemical sunscreens. These can make your lips dry. Your best bet is to shop for chemical-free clean lip products that moisturise well. Go for lipsticks that contain natural oils and pigments. They will ensure your lips get the required nourishment and never chap.

Nourish by Eating Clean and Drinking Enough Water

Taking external measures is not enough when it comes to lip care. Sometimes, lip dryness is caused by a lack of proper nutrition and drinking less water. When your body is dehydrated, it will absorb water from all over the body, including your skin and intestines. So drink at least eight glasses of water to avoid dry and chapped lips.

Furthermore, lip health can be affected by malnourishment. Proper nutrition can help protect against environmental factors and assist in the healing process. Be sure to include plenty of B vitamins, iron, zinc, and antioxidants in your diet. However, avoid spicy, salty, and acidic foods as these could further irritate your lips. Including organic health supplements is also a good idea to meet your nutritional needs.


Your lips do not have the oil glands found everywhere else on your skin. This increases the chances of lip dryness and chapping, especially in extreme cold, heat, or windy weather. Thankfully, you can prevent this very easily. You can flaunt soft and supple lips with a simple and easy-to-maintain lip care routine.

A good lip care routine includes regular exfoliation, moisturisation, and healthy food and water intake. Just like the rest of your body, your lips, too, need sun protection. That’s all - only a few simple steps can help you maintain healthy and smooth lips. But you also need to ensure you use the right products. Invest in a range of lip care products that are natural and chemical-free. There is nothing better than nature to heal and nourish your body.

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