A Quick Guide to Choosing Your Kid’s Organic Shampoo (which you can secretly use too)


Why go organic? The key argument made by nutritionists, environmentalists and specialist doctors is that it is free of the harmful ingredients which could alter your body’s activity. Do you have enough information on choosing the right organic shampoo for your child? 

The case with organic products is that it could lead you and your child to be susceptible to diseases. A lot of research has been done on it, so I wouldn’t bother you with the details. This about about making an informed decision in selecting the right organic shampoo for your little one.

A brand that has been rising in popularity is Essentiq. It is becoming a Mom’s staple bathroom product for their use of quality and natural ingredients while maintaining their promise of protecting the environment.

Who is Essentiq?

It is a conscientious brand which believes in building a business with a heart. Their Essentiq KIDS range ensures that your child has an enjoyable bath (did we mention it is tear-resistant?) while removing dirt effectively. This brand uses high quality ingredients which leaves your child’s hair soft and clean.

Quality Ingredients You’ll Love

It uses aloe vera in all of their shampoos. This key ingredient is suitable for all hair types. It gives your child shiny and soft hair. Aloe Vera locks in the moisture and clears the dead skin cells from the scalp. What is more, your kid will enjoy the breakfast-like scents of oats, berries, papaya and mango in the series.

Minus the Harmful Ingredients

A lot of brands tend to greenwash to sell their products. With Essentiq, their honest reputation comes from creating quality products that work. It contains no sulfates, parabans and synthetic colouring agents. This prevents inflammed skin, is kind to children with sensitive skin and gentle on the eyes. Bath time can be fun again and it keeps you at ease knowing that its safe!

Sustainability is Their Game

People tend to equate businesses with cutting corners to make a quick buck. Essentiq removes itself from this equation by sticking to their belief of being sustainable. All of their ingredients are sourced naturally and cruelty-free. Even the milk and honey used is attained from farms practicing organic methods. The packaging is recyclable too! From start to the end of the production process, it shows it commitment to being green without compromising on their values on sustainability.

While there are other brands to give some love to, Essentiq is one of the few conscientious companies that never strays from their primary focus. Their social responsibility makes them a brand with a heart and one to trust.

Share with us some of the organic shampoos you cannot get enough of! We want to hear from you and expand the selection.