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Amazonia, RAW Slim & Tone Protein - Vanilla & Cinnamon 500g, Retail Price: $65
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Slim & Tone Support Set includes:  
1 x Raw Slim & Tone Protein - Vanilla & Cinnamon 500g  
1 x Raw Pre-probiotic 120g   

Raw Slim & Tone Protein - Vanilla & Cinnamon 500g 
Weight Management Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein has been designed to support natural, healthy metabolism, while helping you to achieve real results you can feel. Specifically formulated with a sprouted and fermented protein base, nourishing trace minerals, nutrient-dense herbs, digestive spices and alkaline greens, Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein may help keep your hunger satisfied, reduce feelings of cravings and assist in healthy, long-term toning, in combination with healthy eating and regular exercise.  

Raw Pre-probiotic 120g
Complete Digestive Care Raw Pre-probiotic is a potent blend of 5 probiotic strains, prebiotics and probiotic fermented wholefoods to promote digestive balance. Probiotics are good bacteria that help replenish healthy gut flora while prebiotics help probiotics thrive inside the body. Raw Pre-probiotic is a unique formula that may assist in soothing digestive discomforts and supporting gut health.

Amazonia. Australia


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Slim & Tone Support Set
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