Rose is used in cosmetics, therapeutic treatments and as a fragrance for centuries.  Rose oil has a superior array of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.  To distill a small amount (~30ml) of rose oil, tens of thousands of roses need to be harvested at dawn when roses are at their peak.

Rose Hip is neither flowers or buds of roses.  It is the fruit of the rose plant after the plant has flowered.

Both rose and rose hip seed oils have excellent properties:

  • Nourishing and regenerating dry or aging skin with their high essential fatty acids
  • Anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory, soothes skin, reduce redness and aids controlling acne, psoriasis, eczema prone skin
  • Astringent, helps tighten pores without drying and heals scars quickly

Being naturally fragrant rose oil is frequently used to calms the mind and is emotionally uplifting.  
As rose oil is highly coveted, they are increasingly manufactured synthetically or irresponsibly cultivated with toxins to speed up harvest.

Ask natureLOVA about our experience in distinguishing rose oils.


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