Experience the Anti-Aging Properties of Pure Pearl Powder
Pure Pearl Powder is an ancient Chinese traditional treatment to detoxify and strengthen the skin. It has a cooling, disinfectant, and balancing properties for the skin. Taken internally or applied topically, pure pearl powder keeps fine lines away for youthful looking and brighter skin. Compatible with any skin type and conditions, this anti-aging ingredient can be added to moisturisers, serums or face masks for your convenience. See the radiance that pure pearl powder can bring to your skin today!

Shop the Pure Pearl Powder Collection at NATURELOVA
Here at NATURELOVA, we provide a range of pure pearl powder products to complement your skin care routine! Get the pharmaceutical grade with no fillers and add it to an egg white or argan oil to revitalise and hydrate your skin. Too much of a hassle? No problem. Moroccan Natural offers serums and moisturisers infused with pure pearl powder to fit seamlessly to your skin care routine. Shop the collection today and experience brighter and younger looking skin! Enjoy free delivery worldwide.

Pearl Powder

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