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Less Wastage In Beauty Makes The World A More Beautiful Place
NATURELOVA wants to share with you that the beauty industry has far too much wastage. Much of the industry’s wastage stems from products that have passed best before dates, a reference date for assurance but unlike food products, beauty ingredients neither oxidise nor perish so easily, save except for a few active ingredients such as Vitamin C, that we will not include in this campaign. Typically, beauty product passed its best before date has still has good efficacy for another year, as advised by our experts, and we would like to encourage a movement to reduce this wastage. We will hereon list products that are considered to have passed its best before date, but we are of opinion still good for use (in fact, we use them ourselves!).

Each #CleanBeauty product listed here will only be sold at a fraction of its original price, just to cover shipping costs. In addition to that, you will receive in full the same value in form of cash rebate (in essence, these items are FREE! *Each customer is entitled to only one piece of each SKU in the campaign). Above all, your direct support towards less wastage will help drive this meaningful cause.

Is It Still Good For Use?
Before we declare that the products are still good for use, we will take sample and open one of the products of the same batch, and observe the following signs:
1) The product scent remains true to the original product (no funky smells)
2) The product remains in good colour (no funky colours)
3) The texture and consistency remains the same (feels good to skin)

No Wastage

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