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Natural Home Fragrances for a Fresh Scent
Freshen up any space in your home with a reed diffuser or a room spray with tantalising scents such as rosemary, grapefruit, lapsang, and more from Essentiq. Made from essential oils, the highly concentrated scent leaves an aroma that lasts all day long. Distilled in a bottle for convenience, you can take it with you to revitalise any room, any time. Choose your favourite scent and make your home smell refreshing today!

Shop Natural Home Fragrances at NATURELOVA
Give every part of your home a different feel, transform it with a new scent! Enrich your senses with a natural home fragrance. Choose a steady scent that fills the room with a reed diffuser or get an instant refresh with a room spray. Here at NATURELOVA, we source for the brands that invest in your well-being, so you can shop with a peace of mind. Pick a scent today and share your favourites with us. Enjoy free delivery worldwide when you shop with us now!

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