Stop Showering! Your Organic Shampoo Could be Harming Your Kids


Bath time is a fun way for Moms and Tots to bond. It is the only time you aren’t cleaning up after your kid or doing surprise cardio by chasing little Jimmy before he trips over the carpet. This is a special moment where you and your little one can relax, enjoy the suds and play fun games while you’re at it.

These days Mommys are educated on the best shower gels for their child - organic is the way to go! This claim hides one big truth. Not all organic and natural shower gels and shampoos are safe for kids. Greenwashing is a sneaky way to shift the focus on some harmful ingredients (not all of them) in order to sell them with the “natural” label on it.

Here are some of the ingredients which the industry tries to cover up:

1. Surfactants

It is a key component to remove dirt. Which is why this can be found in soaps, shampoos and detergents. Yes, that regular laundry detergent could be doing more harm than good. Before the alarm bells start to ring, not all surfactants are toxic. Simply look out for surfactants which are made from oleo-chemicals. After all, you do want to step out of the shower without any residual dirt, right?

2. Fragrance

Smelling good is great. When your kid smells like a basket of fruits, why would fragrance be bad? Think again. Secretly harmful formulas hide behind this vague label of “fragrance”. Ask yourself, what exactly is fragrance made of? That’s when we start fumbling to define it. Synthetic fragrance is made of pesky petrochemicals which is linked to disruption of hormone activity and cancer.

3. Benzyl Alcohol

This ingredient, while safe for hair when used in moderation, may cause allergies. Especially so if it is in frequent contact with the mouth area. If your kid is known to have sensitive skin, it would be advisable to avoid it. Organic products still use it as it is a form of preservative. When using natural ingredients, this means the shelf life of the product is short. Just keep an eye out on the ingredients list and ensure that the concentration of it is not over 5 percent!

Of course, not all organic and natural products are bad for your child. There are a few brands that manage to keep true to their brand’s vision.

Essentiq KIDS range guarantees your child’s safety. It is gentle on the skin and does not cause inflammation. Using key ingredients such as amaranth proteins, it checks the list for anti-oxidant properties. Plant emmolients used in it formula, contributes to is moisturising effect. This does its job of thorough cleaning with the result of sting-free eyes and soft hair. In case you need more convincing, Essentiq cares about the ingredients that goes onto your skin. Hence it is sulfate-free and the fragrance used is derived naturally. The downside is that your kid may not smell like a tropical fruit but they sure leave the shower squeaky clean. Despite that, this brand wins you over with their cruelty-free sourced ingredients and their recyclable packaging. It is definitely a brand with a heart.

Another brand you would want to keep an eye out is VMH Hypoallergenics. Famously known for their natural and organic products which focuses on allergies, this brand created an extensive range of products which are allergy-free! Noteworthy is Grandma Minnie’s Coo & Clean range. It is free of all fragrances, preservative-free and gentle on the skin. For Moms concerned about celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the range is also gluten-free!

Now that you are armed with the best organic suds for your kid, you can give them the best. Love this article? Share with us some of the brands you and your kid use.