Are Homeopathic Medicines Effective?


Homeopathy safe for kids

The answer to that question is yes. But you already knew that we were going to say that. You want to know why homeopathy remedies are a viable alternative medicine to what we get from pharmacies.

Disease is a result of the disturbance of harmony of vital processes in the body. Homeopathic medicines are administered to restore the body to its healthy state by gently stimulating the body’s own immune system to fight infection and adjust the underlying imbalance. This is done by using homeopathic remedies that are highly diluted substances made from mostly plants or minerals.

That brings us to our first reason why it is effective: 

1. Non-toxic
Homeopathic medicines in minute doses enhance the body’s normal healing and self-regulatory processes. Side effects or adverse reactions are extremely uncommon since homeopathic medicines are non-allergic and non-toxic due to ultra-minute doses.

The problem with conventional medicine is that while it treats one ailment, it causes another. For example, a medication for eczema might suppress the eczema and send it inward where it goes to the other respiratory organ, the lungs.

However, by applying homeopathic creams, like Chickweed Skin Repair and Gel, this could soothe the skin irritation to heal or alleviate the symptoms of eczema. 

Natural Aid’s Calendular Cream uses the flower petals of the Calendula plant that contains plant anti-oxidants. When applied to any form of skin ailment, like cuts, abrasions, rashes, bedsores, atopic dermatitis, dry, chafed skin, it encourages new tissue to grow in the affected area and repairs the skin. 

2. Low Risk
Due to the herbal and natural ingredients used, it is a prime medication choice for pregnant women, babies and children. Kids like to rough and tumble, so it is inevitable for them to get scratches and bruises along the way. Arnica found in Bumps and Bruises and Injury Creams would help to reduce the swelling and pain of soft tissue injury.

Homeopathy is about healing from within by building the body’s immune system. As such, this low-risk medication is effective for the long term usage. 

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3. Affordable

A lot of the prescription drugs are patented which is why they cost more. But homeopathic medications are generic and as a result, cost-effective. Plus, as there are no side effects associated with this alternative medication, treating complications is minimal.

Why it has not gained much traction is due to a lot of research claiming that it is a placebo. But there is a lack of understanding about how it actually works, even though it has been used worldwide as an effective system of medicine for over 200 years.

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